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Church Financing and Church Loans by Genesis Group INC. We are a full service comprehensive financial organization specializing in church financing, church loans and other nonprofit financing. We can secure funding even when traditional lenders deny your request.

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Church Financing Parameters

The Genesis Group, Inc. uses the following parameters to determine whether we can assist you.

  • 33% Income Test- Your organization's annual debt service should not exceed one third of its income.  For example: If a church has general funds income of $750,000, the annual mortgage payment should not exceed $250,000.  Building-fund monies can be used in the calculation in some instances.

  • 75% loan to value ratio- The percentage of the loan to the value of existing buildings, land, and the project being financed by the loan should not exceed 75%.  Example- Appraised or "book" value is $2,000,000.  That amount, multiplied by 75% suggests a $1,500,00 loan amount.

  • The organization must have an operating history of more than three years.

  • We have a minimum loan requirement.

  • A fixed-price construction contract is required on new building projects.