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Church Financing and Church Loans by Genesis Group INC. We are a full service comprehensive financial organization specializing in church financing, church loans and other nonprofit financing. We can secure funding even when traditional lenders deny your request.

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Getting Started... Church Financing

"WE NEED TO ....." (Build, Move, Refinance, Renovate etc.)

These are some of the most exciting and frightening words that can be uttered at the church board or leadership meeting.  This is when you open the door to the church financing maze.  No two mazes are the same, but there are common elements.  Please bookmark this page and use it to help "guide you through the maze" of church financing.

Genesis Group has been assisting churches and nonprofit organizations with their financial needs.  Let us assist you as you pass through the church financing maze.

1.  Needs Analysis

2.  Count the Cost

3.  Beware of the "Fast Food" Mentality

4.  Be Aware of the Proper Sequence of Events

5.  Understand "Cash Flow"

6.  Making It Come Together

7.  Choosing a Guide



Needs Analysis

Such a critical, but often neglected area.  You should always be thinking, "The Big Picture."  Let us assist you in considering:

  • Space Needs- Now and Later

  • Regulator Requirements by Local Authorities (There are MORE than you think!)

  • Growth Curves

  • Ministry and Outreach

  • Your Vision



Count The Cost

Common errors and hidden stumbling blocks can slow progress, frustrate and even stop a building, remodeling or relocation project.  You may rely on your Genesis Group consultant to guide you through the maze and allow you to benefit from experience gained over fifteen years and with hundreds of churches across America.



Beware Of The "Fast Food" Mentality

Many ministries fall victim to the "We Need It All Now" syndrome.  Genesis Group will guide you through the maze of planning a project that compliments, rather than conflicts with, your budget and ministry needs.  Scores of thousands of dollars may be saved using wise counsel and taking the time to properly phase your project.  Part of your Genesis Group consultant's service to you is analyzing your growth and borrowing ability prior to your committing funds to outside professionals.



Be Aware Of The Proper Sequence of Events

All too often ministries needlessly spend untold thousands of dollars for architectural plans which design structures for which the ministry is unable to financially qualify to build.  Your Genesis Group consultant will assist you with:

  • Scheduling each aspect of your project to maximize the use of your funds and minimize wasted time and money.

  • Reviewing the qualifications of your building, legal or financial professionals to help assure they are capable of doing it right the first time.

  • Maneuvering through the maze of federal, state, county or municipal regulatory requirements which may negatively affect your project and drive up your costs.  Among these regulatory requirements are environmental concerns, building codes or other local regulations.



Understand Cash Flow

Ministries are typically not for profit in more ways than one.  Every penny that comes in is spent.  While this is great for ministry, it is destructive to a ministry's borrowing potential.  Your Genesis Group consultant will walk you through the maze of financial truths.  Your borrowing power will be analyzed, strengths and weaknesses discussed and action plans developed to address short and long term needs of the ministry.



Making It Come Together

Some ministries only want or need assistance here and there.  Others depend on a full spectrum of services and guidance from assessing your need to working with local planning departments all the way through the project completion.

Genesis Group is ready to serve you in any part of the process... every step of the way.



Choosing A Guide

So... you've heard "We need to..." and you're ready to get started.  Are you ready to make the journey through the maze as painless and smooth as possible?  Give us a call today.  Our consultants are ready to help you through the maze associated with financing.